Where to stay in Florence: The best Hotel and Restaurant

Where to stay in Florence: the best hotel and restaurant!

If you are planning to visit this amazing city and are wondering how to organize your weekend in Florence keep reading!

Florence is one of the most beautiful italian cities and if you haven’t seen it yet, you certainly need to plan a trip! Famous for the air of art, culture and beauty that you can breathe here as in few places in the world! This post is not meant to be a city guide: what you will find in “where to stay in Florence: the best hotel and restaurant” is one of the ways to organize your weekend, the way I use!

Where to stay in Florence: The best hotel and restaurant!

The Hotel

The city is a very popular destination and in some periods the accommodation prices are really high! You can take a look at the map below to get an idea!


The Hotel’s excellent location in the Bellariva district, is ideal for discovering Florence. A nice walk along the banks of the Arno will take you to the historic town centre in 20 minutes or the no. 14 bus (the bus stop is next to the hotel) will take you to the Cathedral in 25 minutes, while you can get to the Santa Maria Novella railway station in 30 minutes.

In my opinion this hotel is perfect for visiting the city. It is not in the old town and on foot it is not very close but the structure is really very nice, the rooms clean and spacious with a really useful balcony. The SpA is really unexpected and the breakfast is rich and excellent! Plus the value for money!

Check the Hotel

Hotel Grifone

How to move

on my weekends in Florence I always use the Enjoy car sharing:

In Florence you will have 83 vehicle available and the reason I love move with it is:

  1. you will save money, you will pay just the minutes you use the car!
  2. you can go in every Florence area, also where it is fobidden to the other cars!
  3. you can park your car everywhere!

Furthermore, if you need the car for a day you can book it! Amazing!

The best tuscan dishes

In the heart of the historic center of Florence, here is a corner where you can breathe the most authentic Tuscany. The furnishings recall the Florence of yesteryear, the menu brings together the culinary tradition of our land with the most current experiments.

Check Restaurant

Trattoria Tredici Gobbi

Where to have a drink?

 La Manégère ia an amazing cocktail bar and restaurant. The location is amazing and the cocktail very good. The atmosphere is really cozy! 

Already known as one of the best known and most prestigious clubs in Florence, La Ménagère reopens in November 2021, guided by the entrepreneurial vision of the Manfredi family. A new idea of ​​immersive and contemporary conviviality, enhanced by the restyling curated by Claudio Nardi Architects, is to create a multiplicity of interconnected places: La Ménagère is a prestigious restaurant, an informal bistro, a flower boutique, an emporium of design objects, a widespread library, an underground gentlemen's club where you can enjoy world-class cocktails. All this, and much more.

Where to stay in Florence: the best hotel and restaurant

How do you plan your weekend?

If you are planning a few days in Florence, you can consider what I think are the places not to be missed! Surely the city offers so many possibilities, these are my favorites!

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