Where to eat the best pizza in trento

Where to eat the best pizza in Trento

Trento is an amazing city and the food you can taste here is really delicius! what if you want taste a napolitan pizza in this city?

Trento is not famous for Pizza but If you are wondering where to eat the best pizza in Trento I can assure you will be deliced!

Where to eat the best pizza in trento
Piazza Duomo

Where to eat the best pizza in Trento

If you want to find a corner of Naples in Trento, you shouldn’t miss this pizzeria. Korallo is located in via Venezia 123:

It is equipped with a wood-fired oven that offers excellent Neapolitan-style pizza, one of the best I’ve ever tasted. You can choose from pizza made with classic dough, pizza with wholemeal flour dough, pizza with hemp flour as well as gluten-free pizza. Each are seasoned with the freshest ingredients and excellent gastronomic products.¬†Here you will also find a selection of most prestigious craft beers and a wide selection of regional and national quality wines. Read about it:

Pizzeria Albert

Pizzeria Albert is the second place that you cannot miss. Located in the oldtown of Trento, this Pizzeria will not let you down.

The dough is not the Neapolitan-style one but I liked it a lot. Also the location is so nice and you can reach the pizzeria while visiting the oldtown of Trento!

Focacceria Belvedere

Let’s move to Apulia for a really delicious take away pizza. You will actually taste the focaccia barese which is really good here at Focacceria Belvedere!

You will also find other typical Apulian products that you can taste for a quick break during your visit to Trento. Read what the tripadvisors say about this place!

Where to eat the best pizza in Trento

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