Where to eat in Rome

Where to eat in Rome: the best restaurants

Are you wondering where to eat in Rome like locals? Discover my favourite restaurants and go out the tourist circuit!

Are you spending a weekend or your holidays along the streets of the Eternal City and are you wondering: where to eat in Rome like locals? Find out how to get to the restaurants I loved the most by moving away from the tourist circuit neighborhood by neighborhood! Eat like a local and let yourself be guided through the menus of the Roman culinary tradition!

Where to eat in Rome? The best restaurants

Where to eat in Rome Montesacro

It is without a doubt one of my favorite places in Rome. A typical, historical place of the quartiere Montesacro right near Piazza Sempione. Informal, simple but absolutely rigorous in the authentic flavors of Roman cuisine. The quality is really great and the variety of dishes will ensure that while you are leaving you are already thinking to come back as soon as possible! Where to eat in Rome like locals? this could be a perfect place!

Dolmen is the classic example of Sardinian hospitality. Very good seafood dishes and amazing wines!

Where to eat in Coppedè quarter

An unexpected surprise during my last trip to Rome was the discovery of this place! At first glance it doesn’t look like a restaurant of a level, nice but you certainly don’t expect the dishes they serve! The Coppedè district is worth a visit if you are traveling to Rome so why not try this little restaurant? The fish dishes are delicious both cooked and raw and the owner, very kind, will be able to recommend the most suitable wine!

Quartiere Coppedè

Where to eat in Rome Prati

If you are a lover of good meat, this is a place in the earth of Prati district, close to Piazza Mazzini, that you absolutely must not miss. Tartare and even meat sushi with a very good wine list. Truly remarkable products, perfect cooking and if you like raw meat … a must!

Where to eat in Rome
XBacchus - Tartare selection

Where to eat in Testaccio area

In my opinion it is a true institution of Roman cuisine. Very fast service that sometimes makes you miss the relaxation of the Roman restaurant but the quality, flavors and aromas are all there. In addition to the typical dishes of the tradition, I loved the fettuccine with artichokes and bacon …. Do not miss this place in the Testaccio district! Maybe you dont know that this restaurant is avaible also in Milan! read my posts about Milan here!

Where to eat in Rome

Where to eat in Monti neighborhood

Did you visit the Colosseum and from there you moved to Moses, the sculpture by the Italian High Renaissance artist Michelangelo Buonarroti, housed in the church of San Pietro in Vincoli in Rome? Well it’s time to try this little restaurant located at the foot of the Oppian Hill! An amazing cuisine, reminiscent of Roman flavors but with a touch of class that will amaze!

Moses in San Pietro in Vincoli

Where to eat in Trastevere

Where to eat in Rome in trastevere neighborhood

Osteria Le mani in pasta is one of my favourite places in the city and when I am visiting Trastevere distict it is impossible for me to try a different place. Pasta here is a must and you can try it inside traditional roman dishes or with the amazing seafood that you can find it this amazing unformal italian osteria.

Where to eat in Porta di Roma

A new formula to taste an exceptional seafood menu. For only 29 euros you can taste 6 appetizers and unlimited first courses. Really worth trying!

Where to eat in Rome

Where to eat in Rome north

If you are outside Rome, in the North area, perhaps along the highway towards Florence and you want to take a break, this place cannot be missing from your itinerary! Located in the Roman countryside not far from Fiano Romano, Trattoria La Dispensa will be the perfect retreat for a Sunday away from the city! Very good appetizers, traditional first courses, sometimes revisited, and amazing meat. Don’t forget to taste the artichoke lasagna!

Where to eat in Rome
Trattoria La Dispensa - meat tartare


Rome is a huge city with endless possibilities and lots of places to discover. I have tried to give some indications for every area of ​​the city where you can find yourself but undoubtedly there are many places that I tasted and which are worth exploring! Other posts will follow that I advise you not to miss, in the meantime … taste!

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