the best restaurants along navigli

Where to eat in Milano: the best restaurants along Navigli

Are you walking along Navigli looking for a place where have dinner? Don't miss this places and let me know what do you think about it!

As in any big city, walking along the most touristy areas, it is easy to get lost among the myriad of opportunities to eat something so if you are wondering where to eat in Milano this post will allow you to discover the best restaurants along Navigli I have visited and liked the most!


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Navigli district

Navigli is the name of the triangle bounded by Milan Naviglio Grande and the Naviglio Pavese  and it is a charming district, where you can have a pleasant walk or an aperitivo Milanese. In the area there are different types of café, restaurants, bars, design shops and art galleries and it might remind you the northern canal cities at the first sight (you could see my post on Copenhagen).

the best restaurants along navigli
Naviglio Grande

How to reach navigli district

You can take the green line of metro and take off at the stop called Porta Genova or you can use the tram to reach Navigli zone, also, the district is not far from the downtown so if you like walking you can reach the area also by foot. (check Milano in bus here)

If talking about Milan, we must mention its aperitifs. The aperitivo milanese has been exported throughout Italy and beyond. Sometimes they are real dinners so don’t overdo it. I propose you this experience:

Check Your aperitivo

on the boat

Le tournedos

The first restaurant that I feel to suggest you is a seafood place named Le Tournedos that is the perfect mix between tradition and elegance. The restaurant is well cared for, the staff very kind and the cuisine truly remarkable. The indoor is very comfortable but, booking in advance, it is also possible to ask for a seat outside. 

The staff and the owner will be happy to illustrate the dishes and the right combinations with the wines so let yourself be inspired by them! I tasted the seafood specialties and I must say it was a pleasant surprise!

Ostriche e vino

From Piazza Ventiquattro Maggio and walking along Viale Col di Lana you will find Ostriche e Vino. The description they give of their restaurant is really adequate:

Your new favourite restaurant with a variety of drinks. Our French cuisine will give your tastebuds a meal to remember. We're known for our excellent gourmet food. At our restaurant you can enjoy our popular fish dishes and seafood dishes with a flavourful cocktail, we'll help you choose the best combination.

I have never tasted such a good variety of oysters and was impressed with the pairing of mussels and fries!

Osteria Conchetta

At Osteria Conchetta you can taste the most authentic and genuine, traditional Milanese cuisine. From braised dishes to risottos, from cassoeula to ossobuco, you will be overwhelmed by the scents and flavours of traditional Milanese dishes which have resisted the passing of time and changing fashions in taste. You will be welcomed in a relaxing and intimate atmosphere in which the simplicity of the surroundings and the staff will make you feel at home."

Again, I totally agree with their description of themselves at Osteria Conchetta since the location is a truly elegant tavern, the highly trained staff and for the choice of wines a sommelier will be ready to help you in choosing a good wine. Don’t miss the fantastic “risotto” prepared at your table in a cheese shape!

Le Striatelle di nonna Mafalda

Dove mangiare a Milano i migliori ristoranti sui navigli
Naviglio Grande

Le Striatelle di Nonna Mafalda is an informal place with excellent value for money. It is difficult to suggest you a dish as it is possible to taste many specialities in the vast scenario of Italian cuisine,  what I can say is that any dish I have tasted was really tasty!

Dove mangiare a Milano lungo i Navigli
Murales along Navigli area


Not far from Le Striatelle di Nonna Mafalda you will find Pizzium where I have eaten the best pizza in the area. The place is always full and while waiting for your table the owners could offer you an aperitif. Really nice!

where to sleep in Milano: accomodations along Navigli!
Naviglio Pavese

The best restaurants in Milano along Navigli: after dinner

Thinking about a special cocktail with a great location, I loved especially two places: the first one is Sacrestia Farmacia Alcolica with a really nice location and fantastic cocktail. They serve also a classic milanese aperitif but I have never tried it, maybe you could let me know if it is worth!

Farmacia Alcolica Milano
Farmacia Alcolica

The second place is Iter. The peculiarity of this cocktail bar consists in the fact that the dishes are offered are the result of travel! Experiences are shared in cocktails or theme nights! A really nice place with a really relaxing environment!

Do not miss the Cathedral tour!

and the beautiful activities

The best restaurants in Milano along Navigli end here!

Of course there are a lot of places in the area that I have never seen so, please, feel free to let me know if the post has been useful and suggest me every place you have visited! If you need to know where to sleep along Navigli click here!

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