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Where to eat in Genoa, the best restaurants and bar

Where to eat in Genoa is a list of bar and restaurant that you cannot miss if you are visiting the ligurian beautiful capital

Where to eat in Genoa? a good question! When I moved to Genoa I was sure that I would find the best seafood restaurants almost everywhere. Actually, it is not like that, without a good guide, in the Ligurian capital, you run the risk of spending a lot of money and being dissatisfied.

Where to eat in Genoa Oldtown

If you are walking troughout Genoa downtown, several places will catch your attention but not all are worth of a visit. The first restaurant I would certainly suggest is Locanda Spinola located in vico della Scienza. You can taste excellent fish dishes and Ligurian specialties revisited according to the chef’s imagination. The location is really nice, the staff really kind and, in summer time, it is possible to have dinner outside in the historical square. The avarege price for a dinner is 40 euro.

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Locanda Spinola
The menù of Locanda Spinola

About the wine

The history of the production area of ​​the Colli di Luni DOC wine has been documented since the time of the Roman Empire. The mild, sunny and breezy coasts of the Colli di Luni wine production that overlook the Ligurian Sea and the Tyrrhenian Sea, together with Sardinia, represent the lands of choice for the Vermentino grape, the most widespread and renowned in the area.(

Ask for this wine and taste it!

In the same area and precisely in vico del Fieno, you will find the restaurant I Cuochi. As far as I am concerned, it was love at first sight and I have been back many times. The environment is very nice and the staff attentive to every need. The cuisine is particular, in some ways refined, so some dishes sometimes a little “pushed” but undoubtedly it is a place to try.

Going deeper the Ligurian culinary tradition, in non-formal environments, you cannot miss the restaurant Da leccarsi i Baffi at Piazza Cavour, 91. It is hard to find and it is not advertised but I am talking about a truly remarkable places. I wouldn’t want to go wrong but I remember it is run by a family from southern Italy who has put two cultures together in a perfect way. The price is a bit lower and with 30 Euro you can have a nice dinner.

Beautiful Looser
Beautiful Looser

Not far from Piazza Corvetto a must of Genoa is Beautiful Loser where to have not just a good dinner but also a nice evening between music and good cocktail. Don’t miss trofie al pesto con patate e fagiolini served in the classic mortar.

The sunset view on Porto Antico

Genova Porto Antico

The Porto Antico hosts several restaurants and bar where a good dinner is served almost on the sea. A good location for an Aperol Spritz and fried anchovies is Banano Tzunami also nice for after dinner. La Rosa dei Venti Club is just on the opposite side of the harbour.

Don’t miss a visit to aquarium of Genoa!

Genova Porto Antico

Where to eat in Genoa Boccadasse

Boccadasse is, without doubt, a must to see if you are in Genoa. The narrow bay will disclose to you fantastic surprises including very good places to eat.


I know, it’s really weird, but, the first place I would like to suggest is a meat restaurant. Capricci in via Felice Cavallotti, 81 is truly one of those restaurants that you cannot miss. The meat is of the highest quality and you can taste it grilled or raw. The wine list is well stocked and the staff will be available to advise you on the right combinations.

Capricci Restaurant Genoa
Tartare tasting at Capricci Restaurant

Antica Trattoria Osvaldo is located in al little square just behind the beach. One of the best seafood restaurant in Genoa in the perfect location of Boccadasse. The price is a sum of the good quality of food and the cool location. 

For those who live in Genoa the bar La Strambata is a real institution. Especially in summer you cannot miss its aperitivo on the beach during the wonderful sunsets over the bay.

Genova Boccadasse

If you are craving an exquisite ice cream just a few steps away, take a very long line that shouldn’t discourage you: Antica gelateria Amedeo.

Not far from here, in via V Maggio 37,  I tasted the best pizza tried in Genoa. Pizzeria Pulcinella is an informal place where you can also taste napolitan dishes.

Along the way the perfect cocktailbar where taste a Rum. Hemingway’s Pub  is a nice place where start your evening.

If you have time do not miss a trip to Portofino!

Albaro district and Corso Italia

Santa Monica Restaurant
Santa Monica Restaurant

Along Corso Italia going towards the sea trough Lungomare Lombardo, 27 you will find Santa Monica Restaurant. As they write about themselves on the website it is not a conventional restaurant: 

“The flow of our ideas and elaborations follows: hospitality, the quality of raw materials, the relationship with producers, the continuous search for peculiarities”

Santa Monica Restaurant
Santa Monica Restaurant

In piazza Leopardi, 12 the perfect mix between good food and a cool place: Le Cicale Bistrot. The place is really narrow and that means from one side all the warmth of the staff, on the other hand don’t forget to book a table. Believe me it is really worth it!

The last place that I think has a great value for money is Cottura 9′. I came across this small restaurant by chance and I must say that I did not expect the quality of the food and the hospitality of the owner.

What about your experience? Have you tried these places? Could you suggest any restaurant or Bar that I did not visit? 

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