Where to eat in Copenhagen on a Budget

Where to eat in Copenhagen on a budget!

If you are visiting the charming danish capital check out where to eat in Copenhagen on a budget! My favourite places at a good price!

Copenhagen can be a very expensive city especially when it comes to fun and good food. If you are visiting this beautiful city and looking for a place to eat without spending a fortune but without sacrificing quality, keep reading and find out where to eat in Copenhagen on a budget!

Where to eat in Copenhagen on a budget

Where to eat in Copenaghen on a budget


I had a really nice experience in this cozy place! nice staff and good food! Read here what people says about it:

book a table:

read the menu:

Spiseloppen is located at Christiania district. Find information about menu and location here:

I liked the very nice space and the fantastic staff in the unique atmosphere of Christiania !

A friendly italian place where you will find a good pizza. A truly piece of italy in Copenhagen! This place is perfect for a break and in a sunny day it is possible to stay outside!

More information here:

The last place that you cannot miss is Copenhagen’s popular market place: Torvehallerne! Here you will find a lot of chance for your lunch!

So...Where to eat in Copenhagen on a budget?

I hope this post can help you! Copenhagen is a beautiful city (see my post on when to visit Copenhagen here ) and I suggest you to plan a visit as soon as possible. You will find a lot of bar a restaurant but take into account that it is not a cheap city!

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