What to do in Vilnius

What to do in Vilnius: the Best Restaurants and nightlife!

The historic center of Vilnius has been declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Find out in "What to do in Vilnius: the Best Restaurants and nightlife!" the other reasons why visit Vilnius is a must!

Are you plannig a weekend in the Baltic Republics and have you been intrigued by Lithuania? but what to do in Vilnius? is it worth a visit? Is it a safe city? In What to do in Vilnius: the Best Restaurants and nightlife  I will try to describe the fascinating capital of lithuania by anticipating, if possible, the enthusiasm with which you will come back home from your trip!

What to do in Vilnius: the Best Restaurants and nightlife!

How to get to Vilnius

To reach Vilnius you have two opportunities. The first is to arrive directly at the Vilnius Airport served by the major airlines. The second, sometimes cheaper, is to get to Kaunas

How to get from Kaunas airport to Vilnius

In the second case you would have the opportunity to visit what was once the capital of Lithuania. The two cities are about 100 km away and are connected by very efficient tourist buses (visit www.traukiniobilietas.lt for more informations). The journey takes about an hour and a half and is truly fascinating for the variety of landscapes that you will be able to see.

Kaunas old town
Kaunas old town

How to get from Vilnius airport to the Old Town

Vilnius airport is just a bit more than 6 kilometers away from Vilnius city centre or Vilnius Old Town. You can reach the city using both public transport or taxi as well as world-wide popular Uber or Bolt. You can find the public transport schedules at the exit of the airport (you will see blue screens with train and bus schedules). Check the website vilniuswithlocals.com for all the infomations.  

Where to stay and feelings

In Vilnius the best solution is find a good apartment in the old town from where discover the city. The area that I feel to suggest is the one showed in the map below. I stayed in Traku g. and it was the perfect choice because the zone is full of bar and restaurants. Also the main sights are not far so you can easily move on foot. Just to give you an idea:

The price ranges from 40 to 80 euros per night but the level is really high, you have just to chose the solution that better suit your needs.


Is Vilnius safe?

I have been in Vilnius several time and I think it is a safe place, also people are really friendly.  

What to do in Vilnius

I’ve been to Vilnius three times and I’m pretty sure there will be a fourth. The first time in 2012 what immediately struck me were the Soviet-style buildings that I encountered on the road from the airport to the city center. It was the first time I had visited a country in the former Soviet Union and I would never have imagined that such a different city was just a few minutes away.

What to do in Vilnius: the Best Restaurants and nightlife!
Vilnius old town

The old town of Vilnius captivates you immediately. Its buildings, the roofs of the houses, the cafes with outdoor tables and the relaxation of the city will immediately put you at ease.

Although I have visited Vilnius several times the truth is that I have not seen enough because I have spent a lot of time walking through its alleys, often with my nose up, lost in the colors of the sky reflected on the glass of the buildings. To better understand the architecture of Vilnius read Jerulita website

What to do in Vilnius: the Best Restaurants and nightlife!
Vilnius cathedral

The top sights in vilnius

If you need a detailed guide of Vilnius have a look to nomadepicureans blog. I found so many information on this travel blog that I must mention it. Of course I have my preferite places:

The cathedral square

What to do in Vilnius: the Best Restaurants and nightlife!
Cathedral Square

Walking through the old town you will end up in this square several time and the feeling will be amazing whether you come from Gedimino Avenue or from Pilies street. Lots of people walking, kids riding bikes and a contagious tranquility.

Museum of Occupations and Freedom Fights

This place must be visited. It is useless to dwell on the history and what this building has been over the years. I have visited this museum twice and the emotions have always been very strong.

Gediminas Avenue

Gediminas Avenue is the main commercial street of Vilnius. Walking along this street you will find amazing buildigs and hidden views. Also several cultural institutions such as the Lithuanian Parliament and the Lithuanian National Drama Theatre.

You can start from the Museum of Occupations and Freedom Fights, go all the way and glimpse the cathedral in the distance.

The town hall square

Vilniaus rotušė is a historical town hall in the square of the same name in the Old Town of Vinius. It is evocative at night and place for entertainment, markets, and festivals. 

During one of my visits to Vilnius I was lucky enough to attend a medieval event with a market and lots of flag wavers.

The night in Vilnius

The city has an extremely lively nightlife, which consists of the best music club, restaurants, disco and cocktail bar. From electronic music to pop, there is something for everyone’s taste so clubbing in Vilnius is a must!

What to do in Vilnius: the Best Restaurants and nightlife!
Night at Mojo Lounge

Salento is the favorite place of Vilnius’ of exchange students so a perfect place for younger people who love to party. That means if you are non really young Salento it is not the best choice for you!

Brodvejus is one of the oldest and greatest pub in Vilnius oldtown. Karaoke shows, live music and disco nights!

It is at a very beautiful place at St. Kotryna’s church in an old (renowned) building. There is a has a very nice bar and the restaurant is very good.

Absolutely the place I liked the most. A cocktail bar with nice music. It is not easy to enter given the rigorous selection.

A nice club with a good music. I did not like the Cocktail but it worth a visit for the nice atmosphere.

A really nice Cuban style club with two different rooms with latino music. Excellent place to spend a night. Nice people, good location a good prices.

What to do in Vilnius: the Best Restaurants and nightlife!

The small capital of Lithuania is highly overshadowed by its more famous sister cities, Tallin in Estonia and Riga in Latvia. However, it offers an enjoyable experience, it’s less touristy and much more laid back. During the last years the city has grown a lot and in addition to the beautiful old town you can find high level restaurants and a vibrant nightlife. I’ll be back as soon as possible!

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