What to do and see in one night in Trani

What to do and see in one night in Trani

A romantic location, full of history that you cannot miss if you are visiting Apulia

After the long time at home I was in Trani last weekend and I had never been there before. I loved getting lost between the alleys of the old town and the atmosphere around the cathedral. A friend of mine is originally from those areas and has been inviting me for many years so I decided to spend one night in Trani and I think it will be not the last one, but what to do and see in one night in Trani?


A bit of History

The city of Turenum appears for the first time in the Tabula Peutingeriana, a 13th-century copy of an ancient Roman itinerary. The name, also spelled Tirenum, was that of the Greek hero Diomedes. The city was later occupied by the Lombards and the Byzantines. First certain news of an urban settlement in Trani, however, trace back only to the 9th century. The most flourishing age of Trani was the 11th century, when it became an episcopal see in place of Canosa, destroyed by the Saracens. Its port, well placed for the Crusades, then developed greatly, becoming the most important on the Adriatic Sea. In the year 1063 Trani issued the Ordinamenta et consuetudo maris, which is “the oldest surviving maritime law code of the Latin West“. (wikipedia.org)

What to do and see in one night in Trani
Swabian castles

The Cathedral and the Swabian castle

Emperor Frederick II built a massive castle in Trani. Under his rule, in the early 13th century, the city reached its highest point of wealth and prosperity. There was some economic progress during the nineteenth century, and by 1881 the population had reached 25,647. Trani at this time was an important trading point for wines, fruits and grain. (wikipedia.org)

What to do and see in one night in Trani

The Castle is famous as the site where Manfred of Sicily, son of Frederick II of Swabia, chose to celebrate his wedding to Princess Elena d’Epiro (Helena Angelina Doukaina of Epirus). Nowadays, the Castle hosts many events, particularly during summer, including an evocative reenactment of Manfred’s wedding that recreates the medieval atmosphere of the time. In the next picture the musical events of 2020 summer. (www.viaggiareinpuglia.it)

Events in Trani summer 2020
Events in Trani summer 2020

If you are wondering what to do and see in one night in trani you have to know that the Cathedral is one of the city’s most important buildings. A double-ramped staircase leads up to the bronze portal, created by the sculptor Barisano da Trani in 1180, while a bell tower overlooks everything, dominating the building

What to do and see in one night in Trani: the accomodation

I decided to stay slightly outside the old town and the Hotel Riviera met what I needed. It is not a luxury hotel but the position is perfect between the beaches and the downtown of Trani and the owner is really kind. 

If you like walking it is possible to get to the downtown in 30 minutes and the path along the promenade is pleasant with several places where have an “aperitivo” on the beach at the sunset.

What to do and see in one night in Trani

The dinner: let's Sushi

The old town of Trani is full of restaurant, bar and cocktail bar and it is useless to talk about the location:

What to do and see in one night in Trani

So I strongly suggest to do a reservation at restaurant because it is not easy find a seat and you are obliged to go outside Trani. My friends took me in one of the best sushi restaurant in the area and I think it is worth a visit: Zenzero – sushi and beach club in Barletta. The area in 13 Km far but it is worthy of a visit also during the day for the long promenade with plenty of clubs and restaurants on the beach.

The beach of Trani

The position of the Hotel was really strategic also from this point of view. The beaches are very close with the alternation of seaside resorts, bar on the beach and cliffs and sandy beaches. I can suggest:

  • Agua de Coco
  • Sporting club

but if you prefer sandy beach you should go towards Baia del pescatore.

Is one night in Trani enough?

Obviously not! The oldtown is really full of sights and as in all of Apulia it is really worth tasting the culinary goodness that the restaurants overlooking the harbour can offer. The village is truly enchanting and even if for a single day it is worth visiting.

What about your experience? did you visit Trani?

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