Travel accessories: the most useful list

Travel accessories: the most useful list!

Are you about to leave and don't want the lack of something not to make your weekend perfect? keep reading!

Every time I leave for a weekend or a longer trip, I realize that something is left at home. I’m not talking about fundamental things but about those little details that make the difference! So have a look to¬†Travel accessories: the most useful list!

Travel accessories: the most useful list!


The music

no music no travel!

If you have forgotten your mobile you are in trouble! But imagine you’ve forgotten your headphones! You will not be able to listen to your music selection! I bought this product recently! Perfect value for money! Never-before-seen noise cancellation and truly remarkable battery life! You must have it!

The perfect bag

useful for short or long weekend!

This bag is the right size as hand luggage for any airline and has the right space for everything you need for a weekend! Even for a longer trip you can take it with you for hikes or trips as it is also equipped with an internal waterproof pocket. Very useful!

Cleaning set

Save space and bring everything with you

I really hope you don’t want to use anything they propose to wash yourself! In this case, this set will save you space in your suitcase and will allow you to use the cleaning products you usually use. In this way you will not deprive yourself of your holiday habits and above all your hair will thank you!

Bring with you your documents

save your personal data!

It is good practice, indeed necessary if you travel to distant countries, to have copies of all personal and travel documents. What better thing than having a scan of anything you might need on a USB stick? In addition, this pen protects your sensitive data so you can record account data, scan credit cards and all the documents you want!

I hate umbrella

but a jacket could be useful

Personally I hate the umbrella but I also hate going around and risking being stuck in a bar wasting the afternoon waiting for the rain to end! I love this brand and therefore I suggest it to you for its great comfort and lightness!

Some medicines

is better to have it!

Certainly nothing will happen and you will not need it but if you have to waste a day in pharmacies and doctors for a headache then it is much better to have the bare minimum! This bag is really small but roomy and can accommodate various formats!

The wallet

the confortable one

I used this wallet only travelling as a spare wallet but today it has become my usual wallet. The cards are safe because they are shielded and in one place I keep both banknotes and documents. Its size allows me to keep it in the front pocket of my pants and therefore I am much more relaxed!

Travel adaptor

a must in your suitcase

I can’t imagine where you are going but if once you are there you can’t use your electronic devices it’s really a mess! With this device you can feel comfortable in 180 countries so leave it fixed in your suitcase as it could be really essential!

Power bank

power everywere

Trust me, you need it! this article takes up very little space so pack it in your suitcase and take it with you whenever you go around. You don’t want to be left without recharging and therefore without taking pictures or filming the beauties you are visiting?

Travel accessories: the most useful list!

I hope this list that I will try to update is useful for you.Now you are ready to peek into my memories and let yourself be inspired by

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