Summer weekend in Sopot

A weekend in Sopot deeped in the Polish summer

Is Sopot worth visiting? Read about the story of a summer weekend in the north of Poland between Sopot and Gdansk!

The story of my weekend in Sopot started with a direct flight from Milan. We could have driven for 1.578 km, sleeping in a bus or in a train for 27 hours in average and I am sure it would have been an amazing journey but for a “touch and go” weekend it would not have been confortable.


The flight

Outbound flight from Oro al Serio airport at 18.15 expected arrival 20.15. It is great! Just in time for a dinner and clubbing!

The transfer

The bus line 122 would have taken us strickly to the center of Sopot just as such as the train considering that the train station is in the old town! But we don’t have time so we invested 20 euro for a taxi to save precious time!

The accomodation

An Airbnb apartment was the best choice. We found a nice flat just behind the train station not far from the center of Sopot. Four people guested for 100 euro per day

A shower and let’s go!

Around Sopot

The train station divides the town in two parts and connects all the old town of tricity. The street just in front the station is full of pub and restaurant. The best I tried is just here! 

Sopot train station

I cannot fail to mention the place where I had several breakfast and dinner located just in the street that you find on the way to Montecassino from the train Station. Everything is delicious and the fish is really well cooked and fresh! If you need you have all the information of Seafood Station Restaurant here! It is worthy a try for a dinner… if you are able to find a table!

salmon tartar
Salmon tartare at Seafood Station Restaurant

Why the main street has an Italian hill name?

I have been thinking it was related with what happened in Monte Cassino in Italy during the Second World War, to be honest I found the answer while I am writing this post at: (

The story

"it commemorates one of the proudest achievements in modern Polish military history. In 1943, after a successful invasion of Sicily, Allied forces moved to the continent and it seemed nothing could stop them until they approached a mountain range on the way to Rome. The area was occupied by the Germans defending what was called the Gustav Line, at the heart of which lay Monte Cassino.  The battle that followed was actually a series of four intense battles which took place between January 20 and May 18, 1944, culminating at a 1,300-year-old Benedictine monastery on the top of the 1,100 metre Monte Cassino. Involving British, US, Indian, French, North African, New Zealand, Ghurkha and Polish troops, fierce fighting raged against the Germans on a slow and brutal advance towards the monastery. At a cost of over 25,000 lives the final battle ended on the morning of May 18 when a reconnaissance group of soldiers from the Polish 12th Podolian Uhlans Regiment finally fought their way through to the completely devastated monastery. The Battle of Monte Cassino was won, the Gustav Line broken and the Allied advance on Rome continued."


Montecassino street

 You can walk from Saint George Church to Plac Zdrojowy, near the seafront and pier. It is an entirely pedestrian area with no cars allowed. Here you can find  restaurants, cafe, clubs and shops. 

This is the place where you will go for a walk during the day and especially in the night  when you can enjoy an infinity of proposal of cocktailbar, disco and club. 

st. George church

Along the way, you will find the Krzywy Domek so you will think you are drunk from last night… no, don’t worry! It is an amazing architectural building designed by Mrs. e Mr. Szotyński inspired by fairy-tale illustration.

and going ahead, along the main street, just few pictures…

in Sopot

There so many club that is really difficult to advice to you where to go. What I suggest is to go just after dinner in some cocktail bar. Everywhere there is music and it is very easy to make friend. Klub Wtedy it’s very cool, we spent here the first two hours of our night and I feel to suggest you this place. Also 3 sisters Club is really nice and it is really full! About the disco of course it depends on the day the most famous club are worth of a visit..

Four hours in Gdansk

After a long night in Sopot we decided to visit Gdansk during the day. Only 20 minutes of taxi and here we are in the old town. Walking around without know the city give you many magical moments and true emotions. Gdansk is full of architecture, beautiful houses and historical churches. 

Summarizing the weekend in Sopot

It is time to summarize my really brief but intense experience in Sopot. Let me point out that polish people are really friendly and this is very important so that you can enjoy your weekend thoroughly. In Sopot you can feel yourself as a polish person in holiday and it is a sensation of extreme well-being. It is very easy to find all kind of food, good restaurant and amazing pub ! About night life there are so many club and bar that it is difficult to give you suggestion in this sense! If you hope to find here the caribbean sea, I thing this is not the right place but what I can tell you is that spend the summer weekend here is fantastic. If you are wondering about Gdansk… I can tell you it is emotional, romantic, but I cannot add more than you can find everywhere. But be sure I will come back very soon! What about your experience? have you visited this place?

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