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The best time to visit Copenhagen? Weather and more

If you are wondering when is the best time to visit copenhagen this is the right place. My experiences along the twelve months of the year!

You are probably planning your trip to the magnificent Denmark and you are wondering: which is the best time of the year to visit Copenhagen? In this mini guide you will find all the information you need to choose the period that best suits your needs and to enjoy your holiday. I will try to describe each period of the year and show you, with the best photos from my gallery, one of the most beautiful cities where live and to visit, immersed in the light and colors of each season.

When Visit Copenaghen

When visit Copenaghen?

The best time to visit Copenhagen?

First of all I think it is necessary to answer the question: when visit Copenhagen? According to my personal experience, Copenhagen, due to its particular geographical location, is one of those cities that should be visited at various times of the year. Autumn offers contexts that in my opinion best frame the splendid architecture of the historic center, while the spring awakening of nature allows you to fully enjoy the outdoor life that is a prerogative of Copenhagen and its surroundings. Ultimately, if I have to answer the question, I would avoid the colder months of late January, February and March, although it must be remembered that thanks to the mitigating effect of the Gulf Stream, temperatures are never freezing.

How to dress

As already mentioned, Copenhagen is not as cold as the cities located at the same latitudes. In any case, while preparing the suitcase you could refer to some small suggestions. To get an idea of the average temperatures in the city you can refer to holiday-weather website but remember, especially during the winter season the problem is the wind.

Temperature felt

The table above clearly shows that above the temperature the most important aspect is to protect yourself from the wind. The speed of the wind in fact makes the perceived temperature to be lower the stronger the wind blows. I assure you that on some days the wind is really strong! During the autumn and winter season:

  • avoid cotton clothing;
  • dress in layers;
  • waterproof and windproof jacket is a must;
  • use thermal shirt and fleece jacket.

Of course the indications are valid during outdoor excursions. Copenhagen is a very elegant city and many clubs are exclusive, so for the evening a shirt and possibly a suit should be used.

when visit copenaghen

In spring, particularly from the end of April, the temperature grows up and the hours of light increase rapidly. In this period it is likely to find sunny days and clear skies. If you come from southern Europe you will certainly find a cooler environment so a windproof jacket is a must even in spring. The rains are still frequent and the climatic conditions vary. The Danish summer begins in May but the hottest month is definitely July. Jeans, T-shirt and sweatshirt may be enough but in your suitcase you must certainly be more foresight.

Rebirth of nature and more and more light

Trying to ask “when visit Copenhagen?”, many will think back to spring or even summer. In fact, the summer offers the opportunity to visit the city with lights and colors that enhance its beauty. The streets are full of tourists and the canals are home to barbeque on the banks and boat rides. the days become longer and longer and one of the things you will notice will be the colors of the sky with truly suggestive sunrises and sunsets.

the best time to visit Copenhagen
Islands Brygge

Many events alternate in the beautiful Danish season from music festival to jazz week. If you want to get an idea of ​​what this city can organize take a look at distortion web site.

Save the dates of spring and summer events in Copenaghen:

the best time to visit Copenhagen

Distortion is a five day journey through Copenhagen celebrating the extraordinary atmosphere, music and spaces of the beautiful city.

A big music festival with 29 music acts and 12 artists from the art and activism programme

Visit the website for all the the information needed.

Are there any beaches in Copenhagen?

Amager beach
When visit Copenaghen

Yes, in Copenhagen it is possible to go to the beach. You cannot expect the beaches of Santo Domingo (if you want you can see my post here) nor the beach resorts of Puglia in Italy (take a look here). However, on a hot summer day you can enjoy the Danish sun and take a dip in the Baltic Sea. Maybe you could swim in the canal!

When visit Copenhagen: colder months

Until November there is no shortage of sunny days and temperatures  are not very low. December, January, February and March are certainly the months in which rainfall is more frequent and hours of light decrease. The wind is often present and if it is accompanied by the rain you will not want to be around at all. On the plus side, I’ve never seen thunderstorms and the temperature remains pretty constant throughout the day. This is important because you do not run the risk of having to dress and undress as can happen elsewhere.

the best time to visit Copenhagen

The beautiful Copenhagen shows all its magic in the colder months when the local classics Danish Bodega (this website will clarify what a bodega is) are full of people. Also the following attractions are worth seeing:

A must in autumn and winter season

Also during the colder season you have a lot to see:
  • The Christmas Markets in Kongens Nytorv and Hojbro Plads
  • Go Ice Skating at Frederiksberg Runddel
  • Take a Day Trip for the Rosenborg Castle, Frederiksborg Castle and Kronborg Castle
  • Relax in a Hot Sauna for example at King Arthur Hotel 
  • Tivoli Gardens is amazing to see in autumn
  • Nyhavn is always magic

in my opinion...the best time to visit Copenhagen?

Copenhagen is a city that deserves to be visited at any time of the year but if I had to suggest a period I would definitely indicate Autumn. Maybe I’am “against the current” but I think that dressed in the right way you will enjoy this beautiful city whose maximum expression takes place in October, November and December. I certainly wish you days without rain!

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