Ayia Napa - Nissi Beach

Ayia Napa: the best beaches, restaurants and nightlife!

The best beaches restaurants and nightlife in Ayia Napa with a look across the island. Travelling by bus in Cyprus!

Ayia Napa: the best beaches restaurants and nightlife! The story of my Cyprus Holiday tells of three magnificent summers spent on this wonderful island. From the vibrant nightlife of Ayia Napa to the fantastic Larnaka beaches, through the wonderful city of Limassol to the archaeological sites of Paphos.

Ayia Napa: the best beaches restaurants and nightlife!

Things you need to know for your Cyprus Holiday

Documents needed

EU citizens do not require a visa for entry to Cyprus, but they must carry a passport which must be valid at least until the day of departure from Cyprus, or their national identity card provided there is a photo and the citizenship is declared.


Like in the UK, in Cyprus, you drive on the left-hand side of the road. What’s more, because of the influence of the UK in Cyprus, many of the road signs are similar, as are the traffic lights system.

Electric plug

For Cyprus the associated plug type is G, which is the plug that three rectangular pins in a triangular pattern. Cyprus operates on a 230V supply voltage and 50Hz.

Find out what you need

The Essential

How to reach Cyprus

Cyprus is served by iternational airline that fly direct to Larnaca and Paphos. I have always flown on Larnaka because is very close to Ayia Napa but consider that the islad is not so big and the two cities are not so far so in a couple of hours you can move from one airport to the second one. The taxy will take you to Ayia Napa in 40 minutes and it costs 40 euros. By bus it is cheaper but not so fast.

Larnaca Airport

My Cyprus Holiday start from Larnaca

My Cyprus Holiday starts from this place. At first glance Larnaca will not hit you , but a walk through its alleys will be enough to understand its identity. Do not miss the church of Saint Lazarus, the tradition says that the place of Lazarus’ tomb was lost during the period of Arab. In 890, a tomb was found in Larnaca bearing the inscription “Lazarus, four days dead, friend of Christ”. 

Ayia Napa: the best beaches restaurants and nightlife!
Larnaca - Church of Saint Lazarus

Walking along the promenade you will reach the Medieval Castle of Larnaca and going ahead Mackenzie beach. I have never been on the day but the night life is cool.

Ayia Napa

When you see Ayia Napa you cannot believe that before 1800 the only building was the Venetian monastery in the central square in fact until 1974 the small village was home to few people, mostly fishermen and farmers. During the past thirty years the town has become a young tourist destination for those who love music and fun.

Ayia Napa: the best beaches restaurants and nightlife!
Ayia Napa - Monastery

In a sense it is the least suitable location in Cyprus for people who are not very young but knowing the right places and maybe avoiding others can be the right holiday even for an over 30.

Where to stay in Ayia Napa

The center of the town is always crowded, the music of the many clubs and discos overlap in the alleys of the old town so among the many places where I stayed I suggest you La Casa di Napa. It is located immediately at the beginning of the pedestrian zone, it is really comfortable and the staff is very kind.

La casa di Napa

The Beaches around Ayia Napa

As in any self-respecting seaside place during the day you go in search of the most beautiful beaches. In this area you will be spoiled for choice.

Ayia Napa: the best beaches restaurants and nightlife!
Nissi Beach

Nissi Beach is probably the most famous because it is the first that everyone will suggest to you during your Cyprus Holiday. There are a lot of young people, music and bar on the beach and a very nice sea.

Ayia Napa: the best beaches restaurants and nightlife!
Vathia Gonia

Vathia Gonia is a charming place, perhaps more suitable for families or for those who really want to relax.

Near the Ayia Napa Harbour there is Pantachou a long sandy beach that will give you unforgettable sunsets. The beach is very nice and quiet but have a look at Kaliva on the beach and you will come back in the party!

and...Protaras and Pernera

Ayia Napa: the best beaches restaurants and nightlife!
Cape Greco

We decided to dedicate one day to visit this area but it is not enough. After 10 minutes by taxi we stopped in Cape Greco. Unfortunately it is not very spacious, or rather, there were so many people that we could not find a place.

So just the time for a drink and we moved to Konnos beach and from there on foot we did all the promenade until Pernera passing for Fig Tree. The feeling is clear, this area is completely different, as Ayia Napa it is a tourist area but less chaotic with a different age range.

Konnos Beach

If you need more informations about please check this link

Where to have Dinner in Ayia Napa

After a long day on the beach the sun is plunging into the see around the island leaving a pink halo around it 

Cyprus - Sunset

The city center is a succession of clubs, pubs and restaurants. The ones I feel to recommend are Tony’s Taverna and Vassos Fish Restaurant. In the fist one you will find all the warmth that the Cypriots can offer together with the best Moussaka that I have ever tasted. Vassos has a a perfect location, on the Ayia Napa harbour, and the seafood is perfect.

Ayia Napa: the best beaches restaurants and nightlife!
Ayia Napa - Harbour
Cypriot typical dinner
Cypriot typical dinner

If you want a taste of the Cyprus’ many dishes you can order a Meze but about the wine no dubt:

Cypriot wine

please…dinner must be ended with Zivania.

The nightlife in Ayia Napa

Ayia Napa night life

As I said, the streets of the center are crowded with very young tourists who come out of a club to enter the next for the next drink. If you are not twenty years old you may not be enthusiastic about Ayia Napa, however I liked some places.

The Living Room cafe and bar might be a good choice to start the evening. The staff is friendly, the cocktails worth of a taste and if you like you can smoke shisha.

Paddy’s Irish Bar it is perfect for a beer with live music. Usually the performer is very engaging and it is not difficult to see people dancing in the center of the room between the tables.

Of course Hard Rock Cafe

Hard Rock Cafè Ayia Napa

360 Lounge Bar is located on a nice terrace with a central bar from which to sip a cocktail with a 360 degree view on the town. Your dancing night starts from here before you end up to Soho.

Ayia Napa: the best beaches restaurants and nightlife!
Soho Club

it is certainly the most exclusive place with fantastic music. The club is organized on two floors, the first one is a cocktail bar with music and sometimes karaoke. The basement is a classic disco, not very large but well attended.

One night in Limassol

Limassol is around 110 km from Ayia Napa and it takes around 1 hour 10 minutes to get Cyprus’s second city that offers a huge variety of modern amenities. There are shopping malls, night life, restaurants, galleries, beaches and every kind of amusement for tourists. We had a good but really expensive dinner to Limanaki Restaurant but the food and the location were fantastic.

Limassol - Old Town

One night in Paphos

Paphos host the second-largest international airport in Cyprus. The town is famous for beaches and historical sites, including several UNESCO-listed places. Also in this place we did not stayed enought time but we visited the birthplace of Aphrodite one of the most popular tourist destinations in Cyprus.

Paphos -Petra tou Romiou
Aphodite's rock

Ayia Napa: the best beaches restaurants and nightlife!

Twenty days are not enough to adequately review this island, full of historical places, beaches and stories of a well-preserved past. Limassol is a very beautiful city and as well as the whole island in continuous modernization. Paphos gives the feeling of being in an England by the sea. Ayia Napa has certainly the most vibrant nightlife but less identity. Protaras with its elegant hotels on pristine beaches. What about your experience? Which place did you like more?

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