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About me

Nice to meet you, and thank you for your visit. I am italian and I was born in 1976. I use to define myself as a very courios person, generally intersted in how things work so at the time I decided to be an engineer.

I love my job and I was lucky enough that it allows me to cultivate my passions so I travel as often I can and I had the opportunity to live in several cities.

Moving from one city to the next one is not always easy but despite the difficulties I prefer to think of it like an opportunity. You are obliged to start over every time, that means reorganize the new apartment, again the first grocery, learn the new city its customs and, not least, reorganize the new kitchen!

Yes! Cooking and eating are my fondness ! At beginning I made a virtue of necessity but later I discovered it as a true passion. Everywhere I move I bring with me my guitars, I can’t stay without play music, I am self taught in piano, guitar, drums, in short, music is part of my life. 

Enjoy your reading!